Rich O’Connor

Studio Owner, Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis Specialized Master Trainer


I discovered the GYROTONIC® Method in 2002. After years of heavy strength training and intense martial arts practice, my body was a mess – I desperately needed a way to heal and rejuvenate myself. By chance, I found the GYROTONIC® System and had almost immediate relief of back and shoulder pain. I began to practice regularly and experience the movements more deeply; I felt as though I were taking years off my body, and was feeling healthier and stronger than ever. I enrolled in the teacher training program as soon as I could, and this is where the course of my life and my professional career changed.

Since that time, I’ve continued to learn, grow and reap the benefits of the GYROTONIC® System by working with the original Master Trainers, as well as, Juliu Horvath (creator of the GYROTONIC® System). Now as a Master Trainer, I have the opportunity to share my passion and experiences with clients and teachers, and be part of their journeys through the Work.

ChiRunning & ChiWalking

What’s so great about ChiRunning? Well as a bigger guy to begin with, I truly feel that I can learn to enjoy running, remain pain free year after year, and love the process, then so can you! As a competitive Jiu-Jitsu athlete, running is a major part of my conditioning program and gives me the chance to be outside in nature with my dogs. 

Still not convinced that you can be a runner? No problem – let’s start with ChiWalking. You will learn so much about your body and the Chi technique that you may find yourself running before you know it! 

Is running the perfect exercise? While no exercise is truly perfect in every aspect, running with Chi Focuses is pretty darn complete. Also, it’s incredibly portable – you can run almost anywhere. And, it will enhance pretty much any other sport, and provide excellent cross training. 

Our Philosophy

“I believe in the long term sustainability of good health, movement, and vitality – the ability to be active and mobile throughout our lives, and to not accept our current limitations as permanent road blocks but to constantly inspire ourselves.

I strive to inspire people to a healthier, more balanced and ultimately “better” way to live, function and exist through a lifetime – moving beyond injuries, age, frailties and disease – to constantly progress with ease and grace.”

Rich O'ConnorOwner
Rich O'Connor, Gyrotonic and Gyrokineses instructor