The Movement Lab empowers you to reclaim your body through natural movement. Develop strength, mobility, and balance for life.


The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is an innovative exercise and rehabilitation system with roots in yoga, tai chi and dance. It is supportive resistance exercises are based on circular and spiral spinal movements intended to lengthen, strengthen and supple the spine and body.


GYROKINESIS® movements are adaptable to fit anyone’s ability, including accomplished athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and people recovering from an injury or dealing with a disability. The entire body is awakened and brought into greater balance and alignment.

MoveLab™ Method

MoveLab™ Method is based on the natural way our bodies move and is suitable for all abilities. The goal is to restore the strength, balance, mobility, fluidity and the joy of movement that has been lost in our modern society due to age, lack of fitness and sedentary lifestyles.

What is The Movement Lab?

How can we help you?

The Movement Lab is home to GYROTONIC® Albuquerque. The GYROTONIC® exercise method is accessible and beneficial to all, including::

  • High-level athletes looking to increase performance,
  • Chronic pain or injury sufferers,
  • People looking to stay fit and enjoy life more fully
  • And everyone else in between.

In addition to GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®, we also offer natural movement classes to help you further develop your movement skills and proficiency.

Whatever your passion – golf, running, dancing, martial arts, playing with your kids, or simply a desire to look and feel good – the GYROTONIC® exercise method will help you get more out of life.


 Live life to the fullest: hike, play with the kids, walk all day while exploring far away travel destinations, and enjoy your time working out.  Movement can be fun, functional, and highly productive all at the same time!

End Pain

The body is meant to heal itself and movement promotes healing.  Many of the “normal” aches and pains that most of us experience can be attributed to a modern sedentary lifestyle, poor posture and alignment, and a lack of strength and mobility.  

It's not too late!

Start your movement practice now!  Whatever your current situation, you can begin reclaiming your health and vitality right now!

What Clients Say .

  • I am so thankful that I discovered The Movement Lab 2 years ago. Practicing the GYROTONIC method has helped me keep my chronic hip and knee issues at bay so I can enjoy the outdoor activities that I love, such as mountain biking. I feel stronger and more balanced on the bike than ever before! I think the benefits of GYROTONIC® would translate well to any type of fitness or outdoor hobby, and I frequently recommend it to my family and friends. I enjoy working with all of the instructors – I learn something new and leave the studio feeling better than when I came in every time!

    Lisa Koselke
    Pharm D
  • I found GYROTONIC exercise based upon the recommendation of my chiropractor who essentially said “go see this guy” because I was still experiencing muscle pain despite adequate adjustments. “This guy” was Rich O’Connor who is an inspiring and positive teacher. Through private lessons and group classes, I have become a believer in Gyrotonic as a way to strengthen and move your body in a healthy way.

    Gyrotonic has reduced my chronic neck and back pain through full body exercises that are gentle yet strengthening at the same time. I am now more aware of my posture and how to correct it during daily activities.

    Rich excels in his knowledge of body movement and techniques to reduce the problems created by our modern society of too much sitting and technology use. Rich and his fellow instructors provide a welcoming environment and have never made me feel silly for forgetting the moves or having difficulty learning a new exercise. And above all, I genuinely enjoy my experience every time.

    Lauren Artiglia
    Nurse Practitioner