Switch it up on Saturdays with The Movement Lab

If you haven’t noticed yet, Saturdays at The Movement Lab are a little different these days. Each week, The Movement Lab Studio Owner Rich O’ Connor leads a special online class designed to dig a little deeper into the method.

Rich O'Connor, Gyrotonic and Gyrokineses instructor
Rich O’Connor

The GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Specialized Master Trainer talks about what you can expect from the classes (and why you should join us!) in this Q&A.  

How is this class different from others? 

On Saturdays, we have a 90-minute class with a different focus each month. July’s class is “Break-it-on-Down.” We’ve been spending time during each class working on specific exercises and movements within the class.

Saturday classes in August will include using a yoga belt or strap to help you go even further into the work.

What will class attendees take away from these classes?

Saturday 90-minute classes give students a deeper understanding of specific segments of the class. There is lots of variety in the weekday 60-minute classes, so the extra time on Saturdays allows us to get a bit deeper into the different formats.

Any special advice for first-timers of the method?

GYROKINESIS® is likely to be very different from other exercise methods that people have experience with. The important thing is to have fun and start moving! Don’t be overly critical of yourself and give yourself some time to explore and experience the work.

In GYROKINESIS®, the instructor leads the class through a full series of exercises that systematically create balance and strength throughout the whole body. And if you need some individual attention, The Movement Lab instructors are available for online private sessions to help you get even more from your class experience.

After having led quite a few virtual classes, what advice can you give to attendees that will help them get the most of out the class? 

Set up your computer or tablet ahead of time and organize your space so that you will have room to move. You will want to have a stool available (or chair with no arms to get in your way) for the beginning sequences of most classes and a yoga mat or similar for the floor work. 

Sign Up and Get Moving

To reserve your spot in a special Saturday class, and to see what other classes are coming up, visit our schedule page. We hope to see you soon!